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Your first membership period in Michigan Hands & Voices is FREE when you meet with a Parent Guide.

Learn about membership here.  

(Up to Nov. 1, or if starting membership after March, to the second Nov. 1.)

DHH Guides

DHH Guides are adults who grew up deaf or hard of hearing (DHH).


You can visit one or more DHH Guides along with your Parent Guide online or in-person. Ask them anything and we can provide suggested questions. They are trained to provide unbiased support and share their experiences with our Hands & Voices families.  

We have DHH Guides who:

  • Listen and speak ( English and Spanish)

  • Use American Sign Language

  • Both speak and sign

  • Use cued speech

Included with your membership.


REQUEST a DHH Guide visit through your Parent Guide, or contact us.

Membership Note

During the pandemic, our Parent Guides and DHH Guides are available to visit with families online or over the phone.

 One Mom's Journey with Child's Deafness/Hearing Loss During a

National Tragedy

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What if I'm too OVERWHELMED?

Many parents say visiting with a Parent Guide helps with this feeling. 

What if I have NO TIME!? 

We can meet in the evenings and on weekends. We help you get the most out of all those upcoming appointments.

I don't need "SUPPORT," is this still for me?

Many families report their Guide discussed tips and advice they would have missed if they had not met.

Do you have anybody CLOSE TO ME?

We have Guides all over Michigan. We will find a way to meet with you. We also meet online or over the phone.

I'm already ENROLLED IN EARLY ON(R), how will this be different?

Great! We don't work with you on your child's development. We visit YOU. Talking with people from different experiences can benefit your whole family. 

WHO should be at visits?

It is great if all caregivers can be at visits with your Parent Guide: spouses, grandparents, and more. But if only the main caregiver can be there, that's great too.

WHAT INFORMATION will you provide?

We will bring you a binder that includes stories, information on language and communication, education, emotional support, and more. (Online access also available.)

I'm NERVOUS about meeting DHH Guides because I don't want to offend. Will you help me?

Yes of course! You and your Parent Guide can meet with a DHH Guide together. 

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